The Company

Metalart is enganged in metal construction since 1990 with the main purpose of offering the highest quality products and services aiming at the absolute satisfaction of our clients.

For this reason the company has the most modern machinery to ensure the highest quality of the produced products before they reach the market. Our products are manufactured entirely in our facilities by experienced technical staff.

Our philosophy and pride is that we managed until today and despite the difficulties, our products to have the indication “OWN CONSTUCTION” !!

why to Choose Metalart

  • Because in our factory we are specialized exclusively in the construction of aluminium sunbeds and umbrellas.
  • Because we have the latest machinery and equipment available, aiming at ensuring the highest quality produced products.
  • Because our staff has the necessary know-how since they are specialized in producing our products.
  • Because we have all the necessary spare parts, satisfying this way all of your needs.
  • Metalart offers a 2-year warranty from the documented date of purchase.
  • Because, despite the difficilties, all our products have the indication “own construction”



Metalart - Beach furniture manufacturer!